Automate the cleaning of data in Python

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Python programming is among the most powerful and widely used tools by data scientists today. This course will cover how to leverage Python’s capabilities to manipulate and explore data. By the end of this program, attendees will be able to outline use cases for Python and automate tedious data processes and clean data for analysis.

Bring your willingness to learn and dive into 4 days of live, interactive training on Python brought to you by Skillsoft & Data Society.

When you’re done, you’ll be able to:

    • Identify what data science is and why it’s important
    • Program proficiently in Python
    • Automate data cleaning and processing
    • Understand Pandas and NumPy for data mining
    • And more!

Your Instructor from Data Society:


Dr. Martin Skarzynski
Data Science Instructor

Dr. Martin Skarzynski enjoys using the Python and R programming languages and Command Line Tools to explore, analyze, visualize and present data. He believes that anyone, regardless of their background, can learn and benefit from technical skills. Martin holds an MPH in Epidemiologic and Biostatistical Methods for Public Health and Clinical Research and a certificate in Data Science from Johns Hopkins University. He also has a PhD in Tumor Biology from Georgetown University, an MS in Biotechnology from Jagiellonian University in Poland, and a BA in Biology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Data Society is a Washington, D.C.-based analytics training and advisory firm that provides data science training to executives and data scientists to eliminate communication gaps, improve data quality, and increase efficiencies through data-driven decision-making.

Their clients include NASA, Discover, Amtrak, CapitalOne, US Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. State Department, and more.


                Day One

      1. Programming across industries and core functions of data scientists
      2. Data science use cases for Python
      3. Functions in Python
      4. Introduction to NumPy

                Day Two

      1. Arrays: filtering and reshaping
      2. Working with Pandas
      3. Basic operations on series

                Day Three

      1. Dataframes and basic operations
      2. Loading data into Python using Pandas

                Day Four

      1. Summarizing data using Pandas
      2. Reshaping data using Pandas

Prep and Recordings: 

To complement and help you prepare for the live Bootcamp, all registrants receive 60-Days free access to Percipio, including…

    • Recorded Bootcamp sessions
    • 8+ Virtual Practice Labs covering Data Wrangling with Python, Machine Learning and more
    • Labs provide pre-installed access to several tools commonly used in data science, including Microsoft Excel 2016, Visual Studio Code, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook + JupyterHub, Pandas, NumPy, SiPy, Seaborn Library, and Spyder IDE.
    • Over 7,000 on-demand tech courses in Percipio. 
    • Market-leading Data Science and Machine Learning books and audiobooks


  • Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook will be required. You will be given access to both through Percipio's virtual practice labs when you register.
  • Attendees should be familiar with Python programming and be able to execute functions, such as:
    1. Variables: defining, swapping, printing and deleting variables
    2. Main data types: numbers, logicals, strings
    3. Basic data structures: lists, sets, dictionaries, tuples.
    4. Control flow structures and modular code
    5. Conditional statements
    6. “For” loops and list comprehensions
    7. “While” loops and break/continue statements