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Building a Pipeline of Female Leaders at Xchanging

Creating a strong pipeline of female leaders is on the agenda for many UK organisations. Research shows that businesses with diverse leadership teams generally outperform their peers financially on a range of performance measures, including higher return on sales, higher operating results and greater stock appreciation.

Xchanging, a DXC Technology Company, identified a gap in their talent pipeline for female leaders. They implemented Skillsoft's Women in Action(tm) leadership programme which consists of "learning templates" including recommended videos, book summaries and full text books and developed a programme targeted at leaders within their organisation.

In this webinar, you'll find out how Xchanging's developed a successful female leadership programme. Join us to learn:
  • The format, topics and content that made the programme a success
  • Key learnings and results
  • How Skillsoft helped
Bethany Slade, Customer Success Consultant, Skillsoft
Nikki Wilton, Global Sales Director, Xchanging - A DXC Technology Company
Jacqueline Clark, Senior Manager - Service Delivery, Xuber