Are people the weakest link in cyber security?

Cyber security is understood to be about people, process and technology. Yet, for too long, we have failed to address the human elements of this problematic subject to the same extent as the technological ones. The true core of cyber security is about protecting information that we create, share and store in ever-advancing ways from threats that are growing exponentially in the digital age. 

When we look at the threats, and how they become reality, it is apparent that cyber security is fundamentally about people as much as it is about technology. In this engaging and interactive webinar, Jessica will explore why the human element is the biggest problem facing cyber security and what we can do to communicate cyber security messages more effectively and encourage positive behavioural change. In unpicking the inherently human nature of cyber security, this session will help you empower people to become your first line of defence, not your weakest link.

This webinar will:

  • Reframe how to think about ‘the human problem’ in cyber security
  • Consider how to more effectively communicate cyber security messages
  • Explore how to encourage positive behavioural change
  • Discuss what a good cyber security culture looks like, and how to build one in an organisation