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University Points: The Gamification of Training and Beyond

Recorded on Thursday, October 27

Ten years ago, Fallon Health began a Learning Points program with the goals of increasing tracking of employee learning and to encourage an ongoing culture of learning. Within the past few years, we adopted the Maestro Learning solution and then added the SumTotal Talent solution - participation in this program has exploded. During 2016, our Learning Points program has been rebranded into the University Points program — building off the internal name of our integrated suite (elixHR® Platform/SumTotal Talent/Succession/Maestro). In addition to rewarding employees with points for learning, employees also gain points for completing their performance evaluation tasks on time, and for completing parts of their employee profile — information that is essential for good succession planning metrics. And, of course, the program wraps up with recognition and prizes at the end of the year! Do you have what it takes to be a University Points Guru? During this session attendees will learn:

  • How Fallon Health leveraged the SumTotal elixHR® Platform to increase employee engagement 
  • How we increased employee comfort with SumTotal solutions 
  • Best practices for encouraging continuous learning and data participation for the Succession Planning module

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