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How do we start, and continue, the learning journey for new employees?

New employees have a lot to learn in their first few days and months. Onboarding can help with that. When done well, onboarding makes that learning journey a whole lot easier for newbies and everyone working with them.

It is important that HR and L&D ensure that onboarding is a journey, rather than being a one off, single day event and then that’s it, recruits are left to forge their own way in their new environment.

 Join expert Donald H Taylor, chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute as he walks you through his recommended approach to ensure a successful onboarding journey. 

Watch now to learn:

  • Why onboarding is so important
  • Who is onboarding for?
  • The role of L&D in creating exceptional on boarding experiences
  • Top tips...and more!

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