Connecting Purpose and Passion through Onboarding

What happens when we think about onboarding from the needs of an employee and not the company? It forces us to re-imagine onboarding and understand that the way someone's introduced to a company sets up their impression for years to come. Why does this matter? Our job as HR leaders is to connect with the heart and minds of employees early and often to drive their purpose and passion. When we connect with purpose and passion, employees choose to give more of themselves to our businesses and are likely to stay around. Join the conversation as Michelle Weitzman-Garcia talks about her journey of re-imaging onboarding at Regeneron.

In this session, we will review:

  • The latest research on onboarding and why it starts before day 1.
  • What’s in a name? Learn why naming your onboarding is critical.
  • A roadmap of how Regeneron made the pivot from “new employee orientation” to their inclusive and engaging onboarding program called GetConnected.

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