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Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy

Tuesday, May 9 | 12 p.m. ET

Continuous improvement, understanding complex systems, and promoting innovation are all part of the landscape of learning challenges today's companies face.

In most organizations, the work that produces value for customers is carried out by teams, and increasingly, by flexible team-like entities. The challenge is that it's not about creating effective teams anymore but leading them and fostering an environment for them to learn and evolve to mirror change.

Edmondson shows that with Teaming, leaders can shape factors that prevent teams and other dynamic groups from learning by encouraging reflection, creating psychological safety, and overcoming defensive interpersonal dynamics that inhibit the sharing of ideas.


Amy Edmondson
Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School. Her work explores teaming - the dynamic forms of collaboration needed in environments characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity. She has also studied the role of psychological safety in teamwork and innovation. Before her academic career, she was Director of Research at Pecos River Learning Centers, where she worked with founder and CEO Larry Wilson to design change programs in large companies.