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Productive Learning Environment: Building Learner Accountability, Experience, Capability, and Impact

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 @ 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET

We have one goal: to build a productive learning environment where our team members can learn and grow every day. But the landscape of learning is changing around us... The challenges and opportunities of the modern learner demand that we redefine what learning means in our corporate environment. At Micron, we are placing our learners in the position of power for their learning; enabling them to easily find, consume, and apply learning in their career; helping them understand how best to learn in our corporate environment; and ultimately, enabling higher levels of performance and engagement through learning.

In this session, we will explore these challenges and share how Micron is adapting to address them with solutions that reflect current and future reality.

About the Micron Technology, Inc. Speakers:

Troy Van Houten, IT Organization Change Manager

Troy Van Houten's diverse exposure to different aspects of business at Micron Technology means a thorough, well-rounded base of experience in both manufacturing operations and business support. An appreciation and understanding for the global nature of business has been gained by visiting and working with worldwide Micron site partners for key business initiatives and project implementation. Troy is particularly proficient in identifying demand signals, defining and adhering to benchmark process, delivering a customized service model, and improving efficiency through metric analysis.

Alan Kindall, Manager, Learning and Development Programs and Processes

Alan been working at Micron for over 20 years, within various roles and departments, all of them related to Learning and Development. Most recently, he helped lead Micron's SuccessFactors LMS implementation and has run have a hybrid model will SkillSoft integrated into the LMS, as well as direct access to SkillSoft into SkillPort. His team manages global L&D programs, processes and metrics, and oversee L&D systems. In his off time, he helps this family run a 40-acre pumpkin patch and corn maze.

Denise Voss, Director, Global Learning and Development

Denise Voss is the Director of Global Learning and Development at Micron Technology, Inc. An employee base of more than 35,000 individuals in 18+ countries, speaking many different languages around the globe, offers unique challenges and considerations in building a learning environment where Micron team members can learn and grow every day. Denise's 23 years of experience in a variety of roles at Micron have given her unique perspective and insight into what constitutes learning and how we can engage learners in our new environment. Her personal (and departmental) mission: to create an environment where learners are inspired to grow, empowered to learn, and connected to a dynamic network of learners for the purpose of sharing knowledge.