Working in learning and development is a pivotal role. You’re tasked with ensuring your organization’s most valuable assets (your people!) have the skills and knowledge they need to fulfill strategic business initiatives. That's a BIG deal! When was the last time you stopped to celebrate? We’re proposing a whole dedicated day to you – our friends in learning and development – with Learning Leaders Appreciation Day on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.

Toot your own horn with our special badge on social media and your email signature, or recognize a colleague and staff using the resources below. When the 17th arrives, we hope you sit a little taller, smile a little bigger and pat yourself on the back. You’ve earned it!


6 Ways to Earn a SeatThinking about what’s next in your career or how you can get ahead in L&D? Check out 6 Ways for L&D to Earn a Seat at the Table - Getting the Recognition you Deserve. Complete the form, and read or download instantly!

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Certificate of Appreciation
Recognize your team members and staff, or toot your own horn!

Signature Graphic
Drop this into your signature & link to to celebrate.

Social Media Badge
Show your appreciation & pride! Use: #LearningAppreciation

Join us for Learning Leaders Appreciation Day!